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48v 6.0ah Mini Cube Bare Battery (25a Discharge)

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     This Mini Cube Bare Battery is small and lightweight, but still packs plenty of power. Perfect for throwing in saddle bag, backpack, rear rack/pannier, or anywhere else you can fit it.

     - This battery is 288 watt hours. On average riders using strong assist consume around 20-25 watt hours per mile. This is the perfect battery for approximately 13 miles around town (although with lower power/assist you may get 20-25 miles or so), and it is light and small enough to carry a spare to extend your range.

    - This pack is suitable for 48 volt systems that require up to 25 amps max continuous discharge. We typically pair this battery with our 48v TDSZ2 and BBS02 Models, but BBSHD Models will also work fine if they are slightly tuned down. 48v hub systems that only require up to 25 amps continuous are a good mach as well. Be sure to always refer to your specific system amp requirements when choosing your battery.

- This Battery has a Barrel Plug Charge Port, and includes a 2 Amp Charger. The Discharge cable uses 4mm Bullet Connectors (used stock in TSDZ2 and BB02 motor kits), however we can add any connector you wish for easy pairing with whatever motor/kit you plan to use it with. We also have adapters available if needed. If planning to use at full power with a BBSHD or other higher amp drawing system, we do recommend hard wiring a higher current rated connector, such as an XT90s. As with all our products, this is covered by our Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support Plan.



  • Small, Lightweight, and Powerful
  • Bare in High-Quality Shrink Wrap w/ Sealant - *Very Water Resistant*
  • Fits Perfect in Saddle Bags
  • 4mm Bullet Discharge Connectors - 10"+ Cable
  • Barrel Plug Charge Port - 8"+ Cable
  • Includes 48v (54.6v max) 2a Charger
  • Custom Discharge Cable Connectors Available Upon Request
  • Adapters Available for Plug and Play Connection With a Wide Range of Connectors/Systems


  • Capacity: 48v (54.6v Fully Charged) 6.0ah
  • Configuration: 13 Series 2 Parallel
  • Cells: Samsung 30Q 3000mah
  • Cycle Life: 500+ Cycles @ =/> 80%
  • Output: 25a Continuous Discharge
  • Input: 2a Charging Max
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 39v
  • Weight: 3.13 lbs (1.42 kg)
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 3.5" x 3" (133mm * 89mm * 76mm) - See Diagram Photo