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48v 20ah Silver Battery w/ Tail Light (50a Discharge) - INCLUDES 24" - 700C Universal Rear Rack

At long last, due to high demand - a rear rack integrated battery for use with bikes that don't have a great mounting location otherwise. Plenty of range and power, and a universal rack for a wide range of applications!

- Universal Rack fits 24" - 700C Wheels Size bikes. Not compatible with Fat Tire bicycles.

- This battery packs a respectable 960 watt hours. On average riders use around 20-25 watts per mile with with TSDZ2 and BBS02 Systems at medium to higher assist levels. You can expect around 45 miles range from this pack (with lower power/assist you can get upwards of 90+ miles).

This is a higher power/discharge pack that can peak at over 100 amp burst and is suitable to power any 48 volt system that requires 50 amps or less of continuous discharge. This battery is more than powerful enough for all 48v TDSZ2 and 48/52v BBS models including the BBSHD, and most basic 48/52v Hub Motor Kits - however, be sure to always refer to your specific system amp requirements when choosing your battery.

- This Battery has an RCA Charge Port, and includes a 2.5 Amp Charger. The Discharge cable uses an XT60 Connector. As with all our products, this is covered by our Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support Plan.



  • Integrates into shelf of INCLUDED Universal 24"-700C Rear Rack
  • Lockable and Quick Releases from the Rack
  • Highly Water Resistant Solid Case Provides Great Protection
  • On / Off Switch for Tail Light
  • USB Port 5v 1a for charging your Phone or Small Device
  • Lighted Battery Lever LED Indicator
  • RCA Charge Port
  • Includes 48v (54.6v max) 2a Charger
  • 8-10" Discharge Cable uses an XT60 Connector
  • Discharge Adapters Available (to convert to XT90 or Anderson)


  • Capacity: 48v (54.6v Fully Charged) 20ah
  • Configuration: 13 Series 8 Parallel
  • Cells: Li-on [Li(NiCoMn)02] 2500mA
  • Cycle Life: 500+ Cycles @ =/> 80%
  • Output: 50a Continuous Discharge (w/ 125a Burst/Peak)
  • Input: 3a Charging Max
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 39v
  • Weight: Battery =  15.65lbs / 7.1kg  |  Rack = 2.42lbs / 1.1kg 
  • Dimensions: Battery = 430 * 90 * 160mm  |  Rack = 430 * 405 * 155mm  |   See Manual for more Detail