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52v 13ah Jumbo Hailong Shark Battery (30a Discharge)

    The JUMBO Hailong Shark Pack is a just a little bigger than the standard version, with a larger capacity. Typically installed on your downtube to the water bottle cage mount, this battery quick releases from a reinforced mounting bracket. Some people make a backpack battery with these, others fit them inside a bike frame bag, place them on a rear rack, or in a pannier.

- This battery is 676 watt hours. On average riders use around 20-25 watt hours per mile. You can expect around 29 miles range from this pack, (although with lower power/assist you may get upwards of 50-60 miles or so).

- This pack is suitable to power any 52 volt system that requires 30 amps or less of continuous discharge. This includes all 52v TDSZ2, 48/52v BBS models, and almost all 48/52v Hub Motor Kits, however, be sure to always refer to your specific system amp requirements when choosing your battery.

- This Battery has an XLR 3 Pin Charge Port, and includes a 2 Amp Charger. The Discharge cable uses Anderson Connectors, however we can add any connector you wish for easy pairing with whatever motor/kit you plan to use it with. We also have adapters available if needed. As with all our products, this is covered by our Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support Plan.



  • Slightly Larger than Standard Hailong Shark Pack
  • Lockable and Quick Releases from the Mount
  • Highly Water Resistant Solid Case Provides Good Protection
  • On / Off Switch
  • USB Port (5v1a) for Charging Mobile Device , Bluetooth Speaker, etc.
  • Lighted Battery Lever LED Indicator
  • XLR 3 Pin Charge Port
  • Includes 52v (58.8v max) 2a Charger
  • 10"+ Discharge Cable Uses Anderson Connectors
  • Custom Discharge Cable Connectors Available Upon Request
  • Discharge Adapters Also Available


  • Capacity: 52v (58.8v Fully Charged) 13ah
  • Configuration: 14 Series 5 Parallel
  • Cells: Li-on [Li(NiCoMn)02] 2600mAh
  • Cycle Life: 500-1000+ Cycles @ =/> 80%
  • Output: 30a Continuous Discharge
  • Input: 5a Charging Max
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 42v
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs (4.9 kg) [10.1 lbs Battery | .39 lb Mount]
  • Dimensions: 14.6 * 3.7 * 4.4" (370 * 92 * 110mm) - See Diagram Photo for more Detail