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Magura MT5e Hydraulic E-Brake – Universal Design, One Brake for Left / Right / Front / Rear

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This moto-style 4 piston disc brake includes the switches necessary to activate brake lights and drive cut-out on compatible e-bikes. The brake lever is ambidextrous - can be used on the left or the right - and universal - can be used on the front or rear.

  • 4 piston stopping power
  • Flip-flop lever design works on right or left side with either brake, front or rear
  • Electronic switch automatically cuts electric drive (closer, open by default)
  • Comes with red 2 pin connector (but can be wired to any BBS-XX Mid Drive, just leave out the BBS 5v/power wire from their yellow 3 pin connector)
  • 3mm allen actuated reach adjust
  • Royal Blood mineral oil
  • MagnetiXchange system allows easy pad changes
  • Designed for use with 2.0mm thick Magura rotors (MDR-P recommended)

This ad is for a SINGLE brake lever+caliper with brake pads, attached to a 2200mm hose with an olive/barb for shortening the hose as needed - ready to install onto a bike. NO ROTORS INCLUDED




Magura MT5e

MT5e – Maximum braking performance for any road conditions


The MT5e brakes everything… even the engine!

Specially developed for S-Pedelecs, the MT5e has an integrated switch for motor and brake light.

The high braking force of 4 pistons and its fine modulation make the MT5e a sure-footed companion. We guarantee that.

Designed and engineered in Germany

Magura MT5e


A mechanical switch in the brake bracket activates the brake light before deceleration begins and also controls the drive cut-out for maximum safety.


Magura MT5e


The radial design of the brake master ensures low friction, reducing transmission losses.

It also enables the conversion of (small/large) transmission ratios, which improves modulation and control.

The 4-piston brake calliper forged in one piece has a high degree of rigidity, resulting in outstanding braking force and the best possible modulation.


    • Scope of Use: S-Pedelec
    • Weight: 275 g
    • Master: Material Carbotecture, Flip-Flop-Design
    • Lever Blade: 2-Finger, Aluminum with switch
    • Hydraulic: Yes
    • Brake Fluid: Royal Blood (mineral oil based)
    • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
    • Bite Adjust: No
    • Reach Adjust: Yes, 3mm allen key
    • Banjo Fitting: Yes
    • Pistons: 4 (Quad)
    • Tubing: MAGURA Disctube
    • Shift Mix: Yes (optional)
    • Remote Mix: Yes (optional)
    • Recommended Rotor: Storm HC, MDR-C, MDR-P
    • eBike Switch: Yes (closer, open by default)
    • Mounting: PM/IS
    • Colors: Black (Master), Black (Caliper)