52v 21ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (50a Discharge)
52v 21ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (50a Discharge)
52v 21ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (50a Discharge)
52v 21ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (50a Discharge)
52v 21ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (50a Discharge)
52v 21ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (50a Discharge)

52v 21ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (50a Discharge)

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    The MEGA Hailong Shark Pack is the BIGGEST downtube mounted hard case pack on the market today! Typically installed on your downtube to the water bottle cage mount, this battery quick releases from a reinforced mounting bracket. Very water resistant - almost waterproof as long as it is mounted upright (mounting upside down will provide a vulnerability with how the quick release system works). Being the biggest downtube battery available, you may want to consider using some extra velcro straps to ensure a secure mount to your frame if riding trails or other rough/bumpy terrain. Weighing in at under 12 lbs, you could still place this battery on a suitable rear rack, or in a pannier. Just be sure to check the load capacity rating of your rack. Made with premium brand name cells for best performance!

- This battery is approx. 1100 watt hours. On average riders use around 20-25 watt hours per mile. You can expect around 50 miles range from this pack. With high power systems that use this battery to its full potential, you may get slightly less range, however with lower power/assist systems, you may get 100+ miles! This pack offers amazing power and range.

- This pack is suitable to power any 52 volt system that requires 50 amps or less of continuous discharge. This is an extremely powerful battery pack and should be able to handle almost any 52v system you have, however, be sure to always refer to your specific system amp requirements when choosing your battery. With a powerful battery like this, do keep in mind that higher current bursts will not only drain your battery faster, but have the potential to heat things up to an extreme - with great power comes great responsibility, and it is highly advised and up to you to practice moderation in usage, and monitor your equipment - evaluating what is a safe limit to push your battery and system to. 

Note: A system will only pull as much power as it needs, so don't worry about this battery being 'too high power' for your system. If your system does not use a lot of power at once, then this pack will provide extra long range.

-  This Battery has a Mini XLR Charge Port, and optionally includes either a Standard, or 'Smart' (80/90/100% Switchable) 4 Amp Charger. The Discharge Cable uses an XT90s Anti Spark Connector, however we can add any connector you wish for easy pairing with whatever motor/kit you plan to use it with. We also have adapters available if needed. As with all our products, this is covered by our Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support Plan.



  • Biggest Downtube Mount Quick Release Battery on the Market Today
  • Lockable and Quick Releases from the Mount
  • Deep Ridge on Front of Case Acts as Handle for Carrying
  • Highly Water Resistant Solid Case Provides Good Protection
  • On / Off Switch
  • Lighted Battery Lever LED Indicator on Side
  • Mini XLR Charge Port
  • Optional 52v (58.8v Max) 4a Charger - Either Standard or Smart (with 80/90/100% 3-Way Toggle Dial) Models Available
  • 10"+ Discharge Cable Uses an XT90s Anti-Spark Connector
  • Custom Discharge Cable Connectors Available Upon Request
  • Discharge Adapters Also Available


  • Capacity: 52v (58.8v Fully Charged) 21ah
  • Configuration: 14 Series 6 Parallel
  • Cells: Samsung 35E 3500mAh (or LG MJ1 Upon Request)
  • Cycle Life: 500-1000+ Cycles @ =/> 80%
  • Output: 50a Continuous Discharge
  • Input: 6a Charging Max
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 42v
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg) [11 lbs Battery | .5 lb Mount]
  • Dimensions: 14.5 * 3.6 * 5.6" (368.5 * 90 * 141mm) - See Diagram Photo for more Detail