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Domino IP67 Full Twist Throttle

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  • Five wire output (can use only 3 wires for typical throttle wiring)
  • Includes microswitch (wiring/use of this is optional)
  • Comes with matching 5" grip for opposite side
  • Fits 7/8" handle bars
  • 40" wire
  • Max potentiometer voltage 40V, max microswitch voltage 24V
  • Can replace BBS or TSDZ2 throttles etc, but primarily the throttle of choice for high power builds
  • The Highest Quality Twist Throttle for E-bikes on the market, by far
  • 8oz 

A shorter rotation than other throttles, with more solid resistance in the action as you twist it - as opposed to cheaper throttles with a long twist and very loose feel - this throttle both is easier on your hand/wrist, and helps you maintain a more solid, controlled grip, making for a bit more of a secure feel when your blasting away on your e-bike


Click HERE for Spec Sheet