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Minimalist SW102 Display for Tongsheng TSDZ2

The SW-102 Minimalist Mini Intelligent OLED Display: 

     The Minimalist is the most compact display available for the TSDZ2. Simple and effective, providing you with the essentials while keeping a very low profile. Everything you need, nothing you don't. Functionality with an elegant design and a premium feel. 

Note: The SW-102 has a green 5 pin connector, so if you do not have a port on your TSDZ2 to accept a green 5 pin connector, then you will need a conversion cable.

  • Minimalist, Elegant Design with a Premium Feel
  • Very Low Profile Doesn't Attract Unwanted Attention
  • Easily Integrates into Virtually Any Cockpit 
  • Full Fledged Functionality with all the Usual Features
  • Super Contrast 1.3" Monochromatic OLED Screen (NOT Compatible with Polarized Sunglasses)
  • Solid ABS + PC Construction with 2D Tempered Glass
  • Excellent Water/Weather Resistance with an IP65 Rating
  • Compatible with TSDZ2 @ 36v, 48v, and 52v, any Wattage
  • Bluetooth Enabled SW-102 Model, Firmware Updates Possible through your Mobile Device

     Standard/Stock TSDZ2 Features Include:

  • Main Screen Displays Assist Level, Speedometer, Trip, and an Accurate Battery Segment Meter
  • 4 Levels of Assist (Eco, Standard, Tour, Turbo), and a No Assist Option
  • Hold Up to Turn ON/OFF (optional) integrated lights
  • Hold Down to Activate Walk Mode
  • Icons show for when in Bluetooth Update Mode, when Lights are ON, and Main Screen Changes to show a large icon for Walk Mode
  • Cycle with 'M' button to cycle Trip Odometer to Trip Time, then cycle again to show Total Mileage Odometer, Average Speed, and Max Speed. Hold 'M' and then short press on 'YES' to confirm and CLEAR info.

     To access the Menu, within 3 seconds of turning on, Hold the 'M' button. Menu Options:

  • Unit Type (MPH or KM/H)
  • Wheel Size (16"-36", for accurate speedometer readings)
  • Password (optionally set a password required for usage)
  • Auto Off (set the time in minutes until power turns off when idle)
  • Speed (up to 60 KM/H)
  • Battery (check current battery voltage)
  • Info (check the firmware version)
  • Voltage (set 36v, 48v, or 52v for accurate battery segment meter readings)


     Our SW102 IS Bluetooth Enabled, and you can update from your mobile device. These SW102 are optimized for, and only compatible with STANDARD/STOCK TSDZ2 FIRMWARE - THESE WILL NOT WORK WITH OPEN SOURCE FIRMWARE (OSF). To install OSF on these units they have to be opened and a direct connection to the circuit board must be made - which is not recommended.

     Recommendations: Works great with any stealth build - pairing with a 1T1 cable, and a smaller water bottle battery works great. The SW-102 vertically Stacks on top of Left Horizontal Thumb Throttles for a very clean setup, that mimics the look of a 'left trigger shifter' and minimalizes space taken in the cockpit.