Located in Nashville, TN, we at Eco Cycles are E-Bike and Green enthusiasts ourselves. We've spent years riding, building, repairing, and learning from others embedded in the E-Bike Community, while promoting symbiotic/green practices and initiatives, from manufacturing process, to lifestyle.

     While we have mainly supplied motors, parts, batteries, and accessories in the past, we are moving forward looking to put our gained knowledge and expertise into a variety of products addressing certain market gaps, as well as a variety of e-bike/frame types so everyone can find something for them. While we like to offer some of the newest cutting edge tech, we also realize the value in stocking some simple, smaller, otherwise rare or hard to find items.

     For our first upcoming e-bike release - we put our own style and spin on things derived from past experience - pairing mid-drives with mag wheels, and flat proof tubes so you can keep that standard tire feel, without ever having to worry about going flat. For ultimate portability and comfort, we are working on finalizing what we consider to be a superior line of full suspension folding frames, which house an internal battery, and feature quick release wheels and pedals. Less problems, less parts and tools to carry, less downtime! We call that - "Solid E-bike".

     We stock various Mid Drives, such as the Bafang / 8fun / BBS Series, and the E-BBS that some of the former BBS engineers spunoff (which features a torque sensor) but we are also the primary US Dealer for Tongsheng. We are proud to offer the latest, most powerful and exclusive TSDZ2 lines, such as the 52v, 'Overdrive', and 100mm or 120mm fat bike models - all with an option for a pre-installed metal gear. All modifications are done IN-HOUSE - as you cannot even order these motors from TongSheng at the power level or with the modifications we offer. We also stock speed sensor and other extensions, as well as a 'Trike Model TSDZ2' that includes them all. All of our TSDZ2 are new stock - now with the new and improved black 110bcd spider adapter for better waterproofing and added reliability.

     We also carry a line of High Power Motors and Components, with some great accessories you will be hard pressed to find readily available anywhere else in the States at the very least! We even make custom motor modifications, for increased cooling and power capabilities, utilizing ferrofluid and hubsinks for running up to double the power at the same operating temperature! We are always pushing the envelope and staying on the cutting edge of technology.

     For all motors and kits that offered here - we keep backup stock specifically for warranty and repair, offering supreme support as we have developed extensive expertise in repair and service over the years. If you can't find what you need in our product documentation or instructional sections, feel free to contact us with any questions. Eco Cycles LLC even provides Support and Repair Services for various International E-Bike/Motor/Parts/Battery Dealers who have North American Customers - so rest assured if any problem should arise, you are in good hands with experienced support. We tend to only stock offerings that we have, or would use ourselves, and stand behind them with our Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support Plan.