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It's that time of the year! We are rolling out some special deals you are going to want to jump on now. We have stocked up heavy for the season, and have some awesome new items available on sale for a limited time. Some of our major deals include:


- MEGA Hailong Packs - the largest capacity Hard Pack Quick Release Batteries available to date! Available now on MEGA sale for the Holiday Season! Also available in 72v, which is the first high voltage model quick release hard pack ever available, perfect for pairing with ASI BAC Controllers and a CYCX1, BBSHD, or your Favorite Hub Motor to really get those RPMS up!!!

- 21700 Hailong Packs - Using the latest and greatest 21700 cells for an extra punch, available at a low price compared to the competition for extra savings!

- SW102 Minimalist Display for the TSDZ2, available with Adapter Cables for Compatible with ANY MODEL

- 850C Open Source Firmware 'Build Your Own Kit' is on Major Sale for those trying to get the most out of your TSDZ2. Be sure to add discounted Motor and Display Programming Cables so you can continue to upgrade as new versions are released. Batteries are also offered bundled with these kits at a discounted price (on top of their already 'holiday sale' price) for even more savings. This is for a very limited time only, so take advantage of this great deal while it lasts!




7/17/19: It has been a while since our last update, but we have been very busy behind the scenes! We will be adding more instructionals and other information - to our support section... and a variety of videos and photos, including customer builds - to our media section. There is a major website/design update pending some final touches and testing before it goes live - complete with several new products and updates/upgrades to our existing lines! We have also been putting a lot of time into our first major E-Bike Model Release, and cannot wait to introduce it!  It has been thoroughly tested over the course of the year, with several revisions as we went along. The result - what we feel is a game changing commuter. Solid/Reliable, Plush/Comfortable, Stylish, and Fully Loaded with Features you simply cannot find packaged together on the e-bike market today! In addition to our Folding Full Suspension Solid E-bike Line, here is a teaser/list of some products that we have already stocked up on, and will be offering pending some minor technical legwork with the website/ads:


- New TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware Options!

- New TSDZ2 Models/Displays/Upgrade Options

- New EU/International No Tax/Duties/Fees Section (w/ TSDZ2 offerings, and more!)

- New High Power Mid Motor

- New High Power Hubs and Controllers

- GPS Trackers (w/ our own custom platform soon to follow)

- Alarms w/ Wireless Key FOB (sliding cover w/ custom/personalized/engraving option)

- High Power Light Bars (w/ our own custom fork mounting system - 12v-60v)

- High Quality Front Lights - Fork and Handlebar Mounting Options (TSDZ2 and BBS Compatible - able to integrate and be controlled from the display - 6v-90v)

- High Quality Rear Light w/ 280 Degree Visibility - Seat Tube or Horizontal Mount Versatility (TSDZ2 and BBS Compatible - able to integrate and be controlled from the display - 6v-90v)

- TSDZ2 and BBS Relay 'Plug 'N Play' Package (for using high power lights that are powered directly from your battery, but controlled from your TSDZ2 or BBS Display)

- Complete Lighting w/ Turn Signals and Brake Light Kit

- Variety of High Quality E-Brakes, Rotors, and other Brake Parts and Accessories

- Smart Bluetooth Helmets w/ Lights and Speakers! (perfect for commuting, ensuring visibility and allowing you to enjoy music, or take calls, while maintaining awareness of your surroundings)


- & MORE!


If you are interested in any products mentioned above, and just can't wait for our website update (including reserving our upcoming Folding Full Suspension Solid Ebike Release), feel free to email us at:




12/4/18: Just in time for winter, TSDZ2 Bottom Bracket / Axle - Extension / Installation Upgrades are now available in 92mm, 100mm, and 120mm! Available to pair with ANY TSDZ2 Model purchase, perfect for converting your fat bike into a torque sensing pressure sensitive E-MACHINE! Just add them both to your cart/order, and we will install the extension before shipping. You can leave notes in the cart / at checkout if needed, or contact us for any additional questions or clarification.


Our TSDZ2 Trike Kits now include what is known as a 'boom collar' - which replaces the stock TSDZ2 anchor that usually attaches to the bicycles kickstand mount, with a vinyl coated metal loop that fixes the motor to your Trike's boom, fully securing and preventing any rotation / displacement. We now have distributed and tested quite a few Trike TSDZ2 Models with quite positive feedback. If you are considering a purchase and would like to read more from current users, we recommend visiting Bent Rider Online Forums and searching for TSDZ2, or visiting the Power Assist Specialty Discussion Section - there are now a couple threads mentioning our Trike Model!


We have updated our TSDZ2 Programming Instructional, as some motor/firmware versions restrict changes to the programming from the simple code modification originally outlined. We now recommend uploading a complete motor profile for any changes, as described in our TSDZ2 Programming Article Update.




8/11/18: Check out our new Mini BBS Displays!!! We have limited stock for this first run so get yours while they last! We added some simple lighting options that are plug and play for the BBS and TSDZ2 systems, controllable from the display - one set by SATE-LITE and then some Simple Silicone LEDS that we custom modified IN HOUSE!


     We updated our Product Documentation Page with some more manuals and a half decent TSDZ2 Installation Video (from the Manufacturer) and also added a few Resources to refer to. If there is something you want to see that isn't here, or even something that is here that you don't want to see, drop us a line and let us know what we can do.  We are always looking for suggestions, submissions and the like! 


Be sure to check back soon, we will be adding some New Motors/Options and Batteries over the next few days!




7/11/18: Whoohoo! We just posted our First BLOG/INSTRUCTIONAL for Programming the TSDZ2 - FROM SCRATCH! We have been getting alot more instructionals/videos ready behind the scenes that we plan to post very soon.


     We have recently added a few items to our inventory such as the TSDZ2 Trike Model with all extended cables, and very soon we will be offering a new motor as well, which falls between the Bafang and the Tongsheng Motor capability. We are currently testing this new motor and its display options, to see just how far and hard we can push it before offering it to the public. We have alot of new inventory not yet posted, including the ultra-mini new BBS Displays, which are the best ones out to date in our opinion. There is also a sea shipment of batteries incoming, so you can expect to see our battery stock expand as well. As always, feel free to contact us if you need anything!




3/11/18: Eco Cycles is officially open for online business!


     Bear with us as the site is under construction, and while we will be filling in alot of the blanks in the coming days, feel free to contact us if needed.