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7/11/18: Whoohoo! We just posted our First BLOG/INSTRUCTIONAL for Programming the TSDZ2 - FROM SCRATCH! We have been getting alot more instructionals/videos ready behind the scenes that we plan to post very soon.


     We have recently added a few items to our inventory such as the TSDZ2 Trike Model with all extended cables, and very soon we will be offering a new motor as well, which falls between the Bafang and the Tongsheng Motor capability. We are currently testing this new motor and its display options, to see just how far and hard we can push it before offering it to the public. We have alot of new inventory not yet posted, including the ultra-mini new BBS Displays, which are the best ones out to date in our opinion. There is also a sea shipment of batteries incoming, so you can expect to see our battery stock expand as well. As always, feel free to contact us if you need anything!




3/11/18: Eco Cycles is officially open for online business!


     Bear with us as the site is under construction, and while we will be filling in alot of the blanks in the coming days, feel free to contact us if needed.