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Cancellations and Returns Form

NOTE: We do not use the phone line for cancellations or returns as we need to maintain protocol and document the process

     Returns must be authorized by Eco Cycles. Please fill out the Return/Cancellation Form at the bottom of this page and we will reply with Authorization and the Return Guidelines and Shipping Information.

  • Returns are accepted for most products within 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • Customer covers original and return shipping costs for non-defective returns. A 5-10% restocking fee may apply.
  • Items must be in new, unused condition, and include all original contents and packaging.
  • If returned items show signs of usage, wear, or are otherwise damaged, they are subject to additional restocking/refurbishing fees IF approved for a refund at all.
  • Complete E-bikes involve a lot of time and labor to properly prepare and ship. We look at any potential returns on a case by case basis but if approved, they may be subject to a 15-20% restocking fee in addition to the original and return shipping cost.
  • Order deliveries that are refused, are returned to us, or are not deliverable due to fault of the customer may be subject to a 5-10% restocking fee in addition to the original and return shipping costs.
  • Orders that are cancelled before they are shipped are subject to a 5-10% processing fee.
  • We cannot accept returns for any Custom Orders (Custom Bikes, Motors with Modifications such as Metal Gear installs, etc.)
  • We cannot accept returns for any orders of Open Source Firmware Equipment
  • We cannot accept returns for any Batteries due to involved shipping regulations
  • International Orders are subject to the same conditions and requirements, however please note that any customs and duty fees are non-refundable as well
  • Refunds are issued in the form of tendered payment

     Once a return request is approved, we ask that you promptly ship the item back to us so we can move forward. We will process your refund as quickly as possible, but there is a protocol to follow in doing so. Sometimes, this may only take 1 week, but please allow for 2-4 weeks, factoring in time for return shipping (may take 1 week), inspection (may take a few days to a week, depending on our workload), and refund processing (may take 1 week, depending on your method of payment, and who you bank with).

          Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we try to be fair in addressing each situation. We keep the aforementioned protocol as general business practice to protect ourselves from issues such as careless return shipping that causes damage, and to cover expenses such as labor and packing/shipping material. If a return is received in as good condition as it was delivered, then we are not looking to charge a large fee. It is only to cover expenses for non defective returns such as payment processor fees which are not recoverable. We do make exceptions from time to time on a case by case basis.


    Returns (or Cancellation) Form:

    - Name (text entry)*

    - Email (text entry)*

    - Order Number (text entry)*

    - Item(s) being Returned (or Cancelled)*

    - Reason for Return (or Cancellation) - (dropdown with choices, + OTHER choice with message entry)*

    - Message (text/paragraph entry)

    - File Upload if you need to show us damage (file upload)