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Support and Warranty Form


DIY CLAUSE, EDIT THE FOLOWING: With E-Bikes in general, but especially with D.I.Y. conversions, it is important to proactively learn some of the basics involving the electric technology, as well as bicycle maintenance. To assist you, we have various PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION for installation/manuals/diagrams, etc., ECO CYCLES INSTRUCTIONALS for our own tips/tricks/mods/repairs, etc., third party RESOURCES such as reviews/forums/informative websites/etc., and FAQs for some possible quick fixes/answers/direction, etc. As always, feel free to CONTACT US if you need direct correspondence concerning your matter at hand.

We do our best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, however response times vary depending on our current load, as well as the subject and extent of the inquiry. Please allow 24 hours for a response during Monday-Thursday, and 48 hours for a response Friday-Sunday during which we prioritize support over sales a little heavier. To prevent inbox flooding and slower response times for everyone during peak periods, we ask that you wait an additional 24 hours to our posted response time before sending a follow-up, and in any follow-up, please reference your previous message to prevent any overlap. 


Eco Cycles Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support Plan

  • 1 Year Warranty for E-Bikes.
  • 90 Day Warranty for Motors, Batteries, and Parts.
  • Upgraded/Extended/Modified/Alternate Warranty Plans may be offered or included on various items as well, in which case those terms override the Standard Warranty described herein.
  • We ship you the part or replacement deemed necessary per diagnosis. We will provide you with instructional support for the repair(s) as needed.
  • If you wish, or if a remote diagnosis cannot be made, we will cover parts and labor, and you cover shipping to and from our location in Nashville, TN for servicing.
  • After the Standard Warranty Period (1 Year for E-Bikes, 90 Days for Motors, Batteries, and Parts), we are happy to offer you Extended Support with 10% off on any parts or service.


Business Hours (remove if widget/ w/ hours and map at bottom of page)

- Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (CST)

- Saturday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM (CST)


Support and Warranty Form:

Intro - Have a problem or an issue with your product?

No worries, we will get it sorted.

Bumps in the road are a common part of the DIY process but more often than not are easily solved.

Focus on solution not problem.

We are not the type of company to try and find a reason to NOT fulfill warranty or assist with your issue, but for certain situations, specific steps must be taken and we need your cooperation to best serve you. We are experts when it comes to e-bikes and related parts, and have designed certain protocols over time.. Often we will present numbered questions and steps to most efficiently address the issue, and we ask that you adhere to the process. Help us help you.

NOTE: Photo and/or Video documentation are required for any replacements, as will be required from us to submit to the manufacturer. 

To start the process, please submit a 'trouble ticket' in the form below

- Name (text entry)*

- Email (text entry)*

- Order Number (text entry)*

- Problem or Issue with Product(s) (text/paragraph entry)*

- File Upload if you need to show us damage (file upload)




1-833-MY-EBIKE (1-833-693-2453) ext. 2 for Support

NOTE: We do not use the phone line for warranty - as we need to maintain protocol and document the process

NOTE: To ensure timely responses to urgent support issues, the support voicemail box is for EMERGENCIES ONLY!

If a phone call is preferred, or necessary to address your issue, we will be glad to talk with you, just please understand with the rate of growth in the E-Bike industry our phone lines stay very busy and to best serve our customers, we prioritize the phone line for support that necessitates verbal communication. If you do give us a call but can not get through to anyone, please consider sending a follow-up through the above form or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.