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36v Advanced 300w Eco Charger - 2 to 6A - 80/90/100%

The Eco Charger is a deluxe, simple to use smart charger featuring adjustable dials to set amperage (to control the speed of charge) and voltage (for partial, or full charges) with an LED readout for monitoring. High quality and reliable with advanced circuit/charging protection and a strong but quiet fan. Batteries are known to have a much greater cycle life (last much longer before showing any signs of degradation/range loss) if they are charged with a lower amperage (depending on the size of the battery) and to only 80 or 90%. With the Eco Charger, you have the flexibility of charging at different rates with ease. This is a powerful 300w charger able to supply a current of up to 6A, so you can maximize your battery's lifespan by usually charging at a lower amperage and a partial voltage, but turn the dials all the way up for full amperage/voltage to get on the go with a full charge ASAP when needed. Comes stock with an XT60 output connector, but adapters are available to suit a variety of charge ports.

Note: Only for use with compatible 36v (10s) Li-on batteries. Do not charge at a higher amperage rate than your pack can safely handle!

  • For 36v (10s) Li-on Batteries
  • ON/OFF power switch
  • 5 position dial for charging with 2-6A
  • 3 position dial for charging to 80/90/100% (42V max)
  • LED readout for monitoring voltage and amperage of charge with light to display charger status
  • XT60 connector with optional adapters available for charging using other connectors
  • Advanced electronic/circuit/charging protection for industry leading quality and reliability
  • Strong and quiet fan
  • US Plug for 100-120V, but can be set to 200-240V with switch (can be used worldwide with an adapter)
  • 8" x 3.5" x 2.25" (without knobs or wires)
  • 2.6 lbs