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72v 12ah Mega Hailong Shark Battery (40a/3kW Discharge)

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    The MEGA Hailong Shark Pack is the BIGGEST downtube mounted hard case pack on the market today! Typically installed on your downtube to the water bottle cage mount, this battery quick releases from a reinforced mounting bracket. Very water resistant - almost waterproof as long as it is mounted upright (mounting upside down will provide a vulnerability with how the quick release system works). Being the biggest downtube battery available, at a higher voltage for extreme speed, we strongly recommend using some extra velcro straps to ensure a secure mount to your frame. Weighing in at under 11 lbs, this battery is still lightweight enough to throw in your backpack as well. Made with premium Sony VTC6 cells, and featuring a BMS with TO-247 HY5110 Extra Large Mosfets for extreme performance!

- This battery is 864 watt hours. On average riders use around 20-25 watt hours per mile, so while you could expect around 40 miles range from this pack, the watt hour range estimates referenced are typically made for lower voltage (48-52v), lower power systems. For a battery pack like this, the application and usage widely varies, so it is very hard to give you an accurate estimate. With high power systems that use this battery to its full potential, you may get a good bit less range, however, it is also possible to get more range if you are using the assist in a lower power setting or sparingly.

- This pack is suitable to power any 72 volt system that requires 40 amps or less of continuous discharge. This is not only a powerful battery pack - it is much higher voltage than what you would typically find in a downtube hard pack - and will require a controller capable of handling the 84v that this battery outputs at a full charge. We highly recommend pairing this battery with an ASI BAC controller hooked to a CYCX1, BBSHD, or larger hub motor. Although 40a continuous is not as high amperage as some venture to use with these systems, it is still approx. 3,000w, with higher peak/burst ability, which is more than enough to propel you much faster than any typical 48-52v system would dream of. While the Sony VTC6 cells are capable of higher burst than this, keep in mind that higher current bursts will not only drain your battery faster, but have the potential to heat things up to an extreme - with great power comes great responsibility, and it is highly advised and up to you to practice moderation in usage, and monitor your equipment - evaluating what is a safe limit to push your battery and system to. That being said, We have double and triple stacked the nickel strips at series connections in this battery, used the highest discharge rated 18650 cells available, and use a BMS that features biggest mosfets (TO-247 HY5110) on the market in an E-bike Battery to date - all to handle the current output and deliver the performance you need. There is no other/competing 72v downtube/quick release hard pack. This is in a class of it's own.

-  This Battery has a Reention 3 Pin Charge Port, and optionally includes a 'Smart' (80/90/100% Switchable) 4 Amp Charger. The Discharge Cable uses an XT90s Anti Spark Connector.



  • Biggest Downtube Mount Quick Release Battery on the Market Today
  • Lockable and Quick Releases from the Mount
  • Deep Ridge on Front of Case Acts as Handle for Carrying
  • Highly Water Resistant Solid Case Provides Good Protection
  • On / Off Switch
  • Lighted Battery Lever LED Indicator on Side
  • Reention 3 Pin Charge Port
  • Optional 72v (84v Max) 4a Smart Charger with 80/90/100% 3-Way Toggle Dial
  • 10"+ Discharge Cable Uses an XT90s Anti-Spark Connector
  • Provides 3kW+ of Instantaneous Power on Tap!


  • Capacity: 72v (84v Fully Charged) 12ah
  • Configuration: 20 Series 4 Parallel
  • Cells: Sony VTC6 3000mAh
  • Cycle Life: 500-800+ Cycles @ =/> 80%
  • Output: 40a Continuous Discharge
  • Input: 4a Charging Max Recommended
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 60v
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs (4.8 kg) [10.1 lbs Battery | .5 lb Mount]
  • Dimensions: 14.5 * 3.6 * 5.6" (368.5 * 90 * 141mm) - See Diagram Photo for more Detail