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TSDZ2 Motor Firmware Programming Cable

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This Motor Firmware Programming Cable has a 6-pin female connector for plug and play use through your TSDZ2's speed sensor port.

- Long wires on the 6 pin connector cause communication failure, so we recommend a 6 foot USB extension in order to easily reach your TSDZ2 for programming.

- See our Eco Cycles Instructional 'TSDZ2 Motor Firmware Programming' - for a Step by Step tutorial on Installing/Updating your TSDZ2 Firmware using this cable.

Using this cable you can program your TSDZ2 Motor with:

-  Any Version of TSDZ2 Stock Firmware (TSDZ2 STOCK FIRMWARE ARCHIVE) Note: Programming 48v or 52v Firmware on a 36v Motor will allow it to Spin Slightly Faster, Supporting Higher Cadence RPM - but alternate/proprietary or OSF firmware is truly needed to unlock the RPM cap to make a true 'Overdrive' Motor.



Note: You Must Also Program your Display to Run Open Source Firmware for TSDZ2. See our Eco Cycles Instructional 'Eco Cycles Instructional '850C Display - TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware - Plug and Play Bootloader Update Tutorial' for a Step by Step Tutorial on Installing/Updating your 850C Firmware.


Files Needed:

See our Eco Cycles Instructional 'TSDZ2 Motor Firmware Programming' for the appropriate files required.

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