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TSDZ2 w/ VLCD-6 - Torque Sensing Pedal Assist with Throttle (36-52v / 10-18a / 250-750w)


Tongsheng TSDZ2 w/ VLCD-6 Display - Torque Sensing Pedal Assist with Throttle Mid Drive E-bike Conversion Kit

     The TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor - Torque Sensing Pedal Assist: The harder you pedal - the harder the motor works with you. 4 levels of assist provide smoothly integrated power ranging from +36-300%, allowing you to conquer virtually any hill with ease. These kits retrofit most bicycles by replacing the bottom bracket & crankset assembly - to utilize the existing drivetrain & gears for maximum efficiency.

    The VLCD-6 Display - Compact Left Handlebar Mount: The VLCD-6 Display Mounts on the left side of your handlebar and is the smallest of the TSDZ2 Displays. Featuring a power button, and up and down buttons to cycle between the 4 levels of assist. This is a Km/h only display - no MPH option.

     Throttle Model - w/ Display Cable Splitter: Included with this model is an 8 to 6 pin splitter cable that allows use of a throttle with the VLCD-6 display.

  • Assisted Speeds up to 20mph / 28mph (motor does not provide assist past programmed limit on model, 28mph being the maximum value - while you can set the motor speed limit higher on the 36v models, we recommend the more powerful 48v or 52v model for speeds up to 28mph)
  • Power Assist Ratio: 36%~300% (with 4 levels of torque sensitivity-to-power-output to choose from)
  • Maximum Torque: 80/90/100 N.m
  • Pedal Cadence Assist: 90/100/110/120 RPM
  • VLCD-6 Compact Left Handlebar Mount Km/h Only Display (Compact, Simple, Power and Up/Down Buttons)
  • Throttle (the throttle is governed and will not put out as much power as the assist function - this is to increase longevity and reliability of the motor)
  • Speed Sensor w/ Spoke Magnet (speed sensor attaches to the chainstay, and the magnet attaches to a wheel spoke)
  • Includes Light Cables controlled by the Display (for optional 6v 0.5-1a Front & Rear Lights ~ controlled from a button on the display)
  • Mid Drive Utilizes the Drive Train Gearing (for increased efficiency & optimal hill climbing ability)
  • Integrated 8 pin Controller (for better protection and less wiring clutter)
  • Easy Installation (The TSDZ2 Mid Drive Kits fit 95% of bikes with threaded JIS/BSA bottom brackets)
  • Small & Lightweight: 8 lbs / 3.6 kg


   The VLCD-6 Display Mounts on the left side of your handlebar (standard 22.2mm) and is the smallest of the TSDZ2 displays. These are KM/H ONLY - NO MPH SETTING - so keep that in mind. Featuring a power button for on/off and to cycle the trip/odometer, and +\- buttons to adjust the level of assist, toggle the lights on/off, and changing other various settings. This is a nice and discreet display, perfect for keeping your conversion low key.


    The stock kit includes a right thumb throttle, but you can make it fit on the left in some setups. You can also upgrade to a different throttle style upon request.

     Tongsheng offers 3 sizes of chain rings that fit its stock 110 BCD spider adapter; 34T, 42T, and 52T. You can also place a chain ring on each side of the adapter to make a 34/42T, or 42/52T dual chain ring. The TSDZ2 comes stock with the 42T, and matching chain guard (as seen in the motor pictures). The chain guard does not fit the 34T, or 52T chain rings. The smaller the tooth or 'T' count, the easier it is to pedal, and the larger the 'T' count, the higher your top speed. When in doubt which to order, count the teeth on your existing chain ring, and pick the closest size.
     Note: The Stock 42T w/ Guard is dished/offset 5mm for a chainline of approx 51mm. With out the stock chainring, the chainline is approx 56mm on the inside, and 61mm on the outside if you have a double
     If you prefer to use third-party 104 BCD or 130 BCD chain rings, you can use these spider adapters for compatibility with the TSDZ2. Like the stock 110 BCD spider adapter, you can also place a chain ring on both sides, making a dual chain ring. 
     Note: 104BCD and 130BCD Adapters DO NOT include chain rings
     The stock blue plastic gear is a bit quieter than the metal gear, but if you ride aggressively at maximum power, at low RPM and high gear in hilly areas, or haul a trailer or heavy load, you may want to consider the metal gear. We offer it pre-installed as an upgrade in any of our TSDZ2 Systems.

    The speed sensor attaches to your chain stay, and the spoke magnet screws onto a spoke to provide an accurate speed measurement. You must set the gap between the sensor and the magnet to right around 1/2" (12mm) and set your wheel size from the display. Start with a bigger distance, and then bring it closer just until you get a solid reading. Too close will scramble the reading. This model includes the 'Y' splitter speed sensor with light cables, for optional lights controlled by the display. You can leave the light cable uninstalled if you don't plan to use it. We also have the standard speed sensor without the splitter/light cable (pictured in the second thumbnail above) if needed.
    Front and Rear Lights are available as an option if you don't want to wire your own. Most of our TSDZ2 kits come stock with the dual front/rear light cable. The lights/cables supply 6v .5-1a which is great for lights to increase your visibility to others, but not quite enough power for a strong headlight to light your way in the dark. 
    Extensions are available in the parts and accessories section for the speed sensor and VLDC-5 external button panel. We can also make custom length throttles and e-brakes. If you need extensions for every part, please see our 'Trike' Model.


    The TSDZ2 Mid Drive Kits are designed to fit bikes with threaded JIS/BSA bottom brackets. This means a 68mm (2.68 in.) to 73mm (2.87 in.) wide bottom bracket shell (unless you have the 100mm TSDZ2 model, then 100mm is the desired measurement) and 35mm (1.37 in.) inside diameter. Known as JIS or Japanese Industrial Standard, which is very similar to our standard here in the US commonly referred to as "square tapered spindle", ISO/English, BSA, British, or "threaded". More than 95% of bikes with the correct measurement bottom bracket will work without a problem, but keep in mind, after 2012, a lot of higher end and full suspension bikes started utilizing other types of bottom brackets. PF30,  BB30, and Shimano Press Fit 41 BB92 do have adapters on the market to make this motor compatible, but other style bottom brackets not mentioned are incompatible without custom machining.

      36 Volt TSDZ2 Models require a 36v (up to 42v when fully charged) battery with at least 15a continuous discharge current.
     48 Volt TSDZ2 Models require a 48v (up to 54.6v when fully charged) battery with at least 20a continuous discharge current.
     52 Volt TSDZ2 Models require a 52v (up to 58.8v when fully charged) battery with at least 20a continuous discharge current.


     To prepare, you need to have a compatible bare bottom bracket shell. If you are doing a conversion with an existing bicycle, you will have to first unhook the chain from your current chain ring, and uninstall and remove the complete bottom bracket assembly from your bicycle. For the VLCD-6 Display, you will also need to remove your left grip, and possibly more depending on the order of your cockpit setup. Once you are prepped for the install, the steps are as follows:

  1. Insert the TSDZ2 axle through the bottom bracket shell of your bicycle, and on the protruding side, slide the TSDZ2 mounting plate over the axle, then secure to the motor housing with the included bolts. If you have a 68mm bottom bracket, use the two included 5mm spacers, if you have a 73mm bottom bracket, you do not need the spacers. Fasten the included TSDZ2 lock ring over the axle, and tighten firmly with the included tongsheng wrench. Now, re-tighten the mounting plate bolts. Keep in mind, if this is a conversion, when putting your chain back on, you may need to add or take off some chain links for proper tension depending on the size of your old chain ring.
  2. Slide the VLCD-6 Display over your bicycles left handlebar and tighten down the hardware.
  3. Connect the VLCD-6 6 pin cable to the corresponding plug on the motor, connect the power cables from the motor to your battery's discharge cables, and connect the TSDZ2 Speed Sensor cable to the corresponding plug on the motor. Take care not to bend the pins when connecting these.
  4. Fasten the Speed Sensor to your bicycle's chain stay with zip ties and secure the Spoke Magnet to your spokes. Ensure that the magnet lines up with the sensor arrow, and that there is a little gap in between them as well. The sensor is very sensitive, and will scramble the reading if the magnet is too close when it spins. Start with a bigger gap, and then bring it closer until you get a solid reading, looking for a final gap of around 1/2" or 12mm. You can also cover up the sensor with a chain stay cover, to additionally hide and protect it, and this will not inhibit the reading, or perhaps you may just have to move it a tad closer if anything.
  5. Connect the front/rear light cable to the 'Y' adapter on the speed sensor cable, and run the cables to the front/rear accordingly. Wire them to your lights however you choose.
  6. Power on your display/motor, ensure your speed sensor, lights and motor functions are operating correctly. Adjust your settings from the display as needed.

* Note - While TSDZ2 will function without the speed sensor or lights connected, it is highly recommended that you install them as is required by law in some areas.

     Backed by our Eco Cycles Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support PlanWe have been working with Tongsheng for a while now, and we are proud to offer the latest and most exclusive TSDZ2 lines.  We keep stock of items such as adapters, chain rings, etc, so if you need a part - we can get it to you quick! We also keep stock specifically for warranty and repair, offering supreme support for these units as we have developed extensive expertise in repair and service. We actually provide US service and repair for other International Tongsheng distributors as well! If you can't find what you need in our product documentation or instructional sections, feel free to contact us with any questions.
     Most of the TSDZ2 models that leave the Tongsheng factory are 13a and the same couple models are commonly sold by distributors at multiple different wattage ratings ~ 350w, 500w, 750w.  We program ours (ourselves) for 15a on the 36v models, 18a on the 48v and 17a on the 52v models - stronger than you can get anywhere else! We would rate the 36v15a @ 500w, and the 48v18a & 52v17a @ 750w - which is a realistic actual power rating for the TSDZ2. The 750w BBS models are rated with a bit of a deflated value, seeing how they peak over 1300w, while the TSDZ2 typically peaks under 1000w.
      Why get a TSDZ2 compared to another mid drive, or hub motor kit? 
     Other mid drive kits on the market such as the Bafang BBS Series only use cadence speed sensing assist, which delivers a pre-set amount of power whenever you rotate the pedals. The torque sensing function of the TSDZ2 takes into consideration the force in which you are pedaling, and puts out a corresponding level of force accordingly. This is such a more integrated and smooth feeling when compared to the 'on/off speed sensors', making for a very enjoyable experience. As opposed to the hub/in-wheel motors when it come to tackling steep inclines - the mid drive kits utilize your bicycles gears for a much more efficient and capable riding experience. The hub motors also weigh down your wheel, affect handling, and are not very suitable for bicycles with suspension - not to mention making changing your tire a pain. Of course, this doesn't mean the TSDZ2 is always superior for every situation. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the pros and cons of this motor versus another on your planned build.